126 Clever Ways To Save Money!

126 Clever Ways To Save Money

126 Clever Ways To Save Tons of Money

Finding ways to save money in your budget can be so hard.

Especially when you feel like you have cut everything out of your budget possible.

So here are 126 clever ways to save even more money!

Of course the very first thing you should do is create a budget.This way you know how much money you have and where it is going. For the easiest way to budget EVER Click HERE! 

1. Consolidate Your Debt

Bring all that debt together. By combining all your credit cards, student loans, and car payments into one payment you avoid all the different interest rates that drag down your progress to being debt free. Also by having only 1 payment to focus on you won’t have to worry if you paid them all on time, therefore avoiding late fees.

2. Cut Food Costs

Making a conscience effort to tighten up the money you spend on food will greatly save you in the long run. Learn how to meal plan and only spend $5 per meal! Meal Planning has never been easier than this!

3. Stop buying in-app purchases

4. Meal prep your lunches

5. Raise your health insurance deductible

6. Cut the cable cord. Streaming services are cheaper.

7. Minimize your closet

8. Do a no spend month challenge twice a year

Hard to remember but clever ways to save money:

9. Keep your thermostat 3 degrees lower and add layers

10. Shut off the lights when the sun is out

11. Unplug the unused appliances

12. Never do a ½ load of laundry

13. Air dry clothes (or big items)

14. Sign up for every deal and customer reward program you can think of for clever ways to save money

15. Sell your collections and minimize your life

16. Make your gifts homemade or create gift baskets

17. Practice the 30 Day purchase rule (decrease instant gratification) If you still want it in 30 days, than you can purchase it.

18. Invite friends for a game night and drinks instead of going out

19. Go green. Make your own cleaning products.

20. Make your own reusable napkins and “paper” towels is a great clever way to save money

21. Cut and color your own hair. eSalon is the BEST option!

22. Swap babysitting and pet sitting gigs with neighbors and family

23. Don’t spend big money entertaining kids (they enjoy your time more)

24. Negotiate. Credit cards, cell phones, internet packages

25. Refinance if it is worth it

126 Clever Ways To Save Money

26. Drink more water and less store-bought drinks

27. Never shop convenience stores

28. Triple or quadruple your homemade food batches (take for lunches)

29. Make your own soaps

30. Utilize libraries

31. Thrift Shop!

32. Know what’s on sale even when you thrift shop

33. Learn the secrets of grocery shopping (see how we did it!)

34. Shop clearance racks

35. Look into local food harvests or food drives open to everyone

36. Fix dripping faucets

37. Use unleaded instead of premium fuel

126 Clever Ways To Save Money

38. Unscrew unnecessary light bulbs

39. Clean or replace car air filter

40. Clean or replace furnace air filters

41. Clean or replace dehumidifiers air filters

42. Quit smoking

43. Quit using credit cards

44. Buy with cash only

45. File your annual taxes with a free online filer

46. Use a coin jar

47. Start a dollar jar

48. Start a garden

49. Stock a frugal pantry

50. Learn to can/preserve food

51. Find a local bakery and get day old bread

52. Use kids eat free offers

126 Clever Ways To Save Money

53. Use birthday freebies

54. Shop bulk stores like Costco or Sam’s Club for staples

55. Invest in a deep freeze for bulk sale items

56. Buy generic

57. Always shop the lower shelves at the grocery stores, these are lower marked and cheaper brands. Typically, same quality as top brands.

58. Cut the gym use the great outdoors

59. Use free weight loss websites to track calories or progress. Start a weight-loss journey that works, instead of yo-yo dieting

60. Ask your doctor about money saving prescription options for clever ways to save money

61. Ask your pharmacist for generic medication or use RX app

62. Ask your HR rep for health care incentives to lower health care cost

63. Find a local dentistry school for free dental exams

64. Find a local beauty school for free hair cuts

65. If you’re military or veteran (thank you for your service) utilize your discount every time

66. Stock up on discounted gift cards and use through the year 67. Don’t leave the coupon box empty. Always look for online coupons for your purchase by googling it

68. Use eBates for everything. A website that gets you cash back for EVERY PURCHASE you make by using their website to access your favorite name brand stores! So Easy!! Sign up for eBates HERE

69. Research the best times of the year to buy everything you will need in advance

More Clever Ways To Save Money You’ve Never Heard Of!

70. Use Groupon everything possible

71. Always buy clothes end of season

72. Be thankful for what you do have. Adopt a minimalist mind set

73. Go to local high school games for entertainment

74. Family Game night including Wii or Xbox Sports

75. Take out family photos for a fun free evening

A really clever way to save money as a family:

76. Drink lower priced wines like Trader Joe’s “2 buck chucks” (which are now 3 bucks). In some locations Aldi has started selling wine as well.

77. Enjoy the outdoors. Hiking, swimming at the lake, or local swimming pool, parks,

78. Go Geo-Caching

79. Don’t buy bottled water

80. Check craigslist for free items

81. Set up an automatic savings account.

82. Take advantage of employer match retirement plans

83. Calculate purchases of hours worked instead of cost

84. Insulate your basement

85. Use less laundry detergent and add baking soda and white vinegar instead this is an awesomely clever way to save money

86. Lower hot water temperature

87. Find cheapest local grocery stores (Aldi if you have one)

88. Read the weekly grocery store ads and meal plan around them

89. Cancel club memberships

Another clever way to save money

90. Cancel magazine memberships

91. Buy used whenever possible

92. Take vitamins to stay healthy and avoid the Doctor and co-pays and bills

93. Wash your face when you wash your hands to avoid germ intake

94. Gift plan a year in advance. Purchase gift for next year after the holiday

95. Avoid Malls

96. Never throw food away -Do a leftover night

97. Brown bag it

98. Learn to dress minimally and classy

99. Take public transportation

100. Keep your tank above the ½ way mark, your car uses more gas the lower it gets.

101. Create a debt snowball 102. Carpool

103. Buy and use your crock pot

104. Pack and prepare food for road trips

105. Contact local theater and ask for discounted movie tickets

106. Learn all about your companies benefits and perks

107. Learn about your communities perks and freebies

108. Use a regular boring razor to shave

109. Use conditioner for shaving cream

110. Use coconut oil for lotion

111. Don’t speed. Manage time to get their on time without rushing. Learn How To Prioritize Your Schedule so you don’t feel so rushed HERE

112. Read more

113. Purchase or rent a smaller home

114. Plastic wrap your windows

126 Clever Ways To Save Tons of Money

115. Consider doing a stay-cation instead of a vacation

116. Never give up. Each day is a new beginning, start again tomorrow!

117. Keep your goals in mind everyday envision your life when you conquer it. Create a vision board, to help you envision your goal.

118. Create a gratitude journal, this helps when we really want something we can afford or shouldn’t afford. Remembering how much we have to be grateful for refocuses our attention and helps us to re-center our vision for saving.

119. Use Caster Oil as a night cream and nail growth serum

120. Do your own manicures

121. Use YouTube to learn how to fix house projects

122. Ask friends and family to split plants in the spring and fall for your yard instead of paying full price.

123. Go berry picking and make your own frozen fruit for smoothies and jams.

124. Use farmers markets, tip* go at the end of the day and ask vendors how low they will go for cases of remaining produce. They don’t’ want to bring this stuff home. The is a great opportunity for bargaining.

125. Use local church garage sales for good thrift places

126. Look to your county for huge sales usually held at the county fair grounds for things like kid’s clothes or community garage sales

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