5 Old-Fashioned Talents To Teach With YouTube

5 old fashioned talents to teach you kids


5 Old Fashioned Talents to Teach Your Kids

As a child I was raised to believe in and learn as many old-fashioned talents and values as possible.

My days were spent learning academics as well as the ability to take care of a household to the best of my ability.

Fast-forward 15 years later graduated, married, and raising a family of my own, I have come to realize that, even with all that training from my childhood there are so many more old-fashioned talents and qualities I can adopt and instill in my own children.

As an adult I have found that I learn almost everything I need to learn through Google and YouTube. I can watch videos on YouTube about something I’m not even interested in for hours! I’ve learned especially how creating rituals in my day helps me feel fulfilled and teach my children the importance of beautiful living.  You can learn how by reading this. 

Now I have so much fun showing my kids YouTube videos on things that we are all interested in.

Here is a list of things I’ve complied that we should all be teaching in our daily home school from a simple YouTube video!5 old fashioned talents to teach your kids

#1 The Art of Cooking from Scratch

Cooking from scratch is definitely an art in our society, but some people consider it an old-fashioned talent. Teaching our children how to take a few simple ingredients from the back of the fridge or pantry and transform them into a frugal and beautiful meal is truly an old-fashioned talent and an art. One that you want you children to possess as they walk out your door into the world.

Some of my favorite frugal cooking channels are:

Depression Cooking with Clara

Struggle Meals

One Pot Chef


#2 Sewing

Most people imagine this to be a girls past time or talent. However teaching a boy how to sew up a blanket, or shirt is not only useful but can also be frugal or life-saving someday.

Made To Sew

Nutty Crafter

Sewing Report

#3 Mending

Along the same lines as sewing, knowing how to mend a ripped garment can save hundreds of dollars throughout the years in your clothes budget. Teaching children the art of threading a needle and sew up a little hole teaches them frugality and resourcefulness.

Make It Coats


Sustainable Living Lab


#4 Quilting

This old-fashioned talent is a beautiful one. Knowing how to quilt gives our children a fun past-time and a wonderful opportunity to be apart of a dying art. Knowing how to quilt allows them the ability to make and give timeless gifts that will last a lifetime.

Shabby Fabrics

Melanie Ham

Quilt In A Day


5 old fashioned talents to teach your kids

#5 Gardening

The old-fashioned talent of gardening can sound whimsical and lovely, but it is definitely something to be ‘learned.’ Gardening is highly educational, enriching, and so gratifying. But it does take effort, time, and know how. Gardening is also a phenomenal way to save money and learning the art of taking care of something.


Garden Answer


Charles Dowding


Homeschooling is so much fun, especially when you aren’t completely focused on academics. Don’t get me wrong academics are essential to the proper development of our children. But as home school teachers/mothers we can’t forget how important and awesome it is to be able to teach our children the old-fashioned talent of how to be even more efficient, capable, and self-reliant!


Happy home schooling!! 🙂

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