The Power Of Getting Rid Of Things

The Power of Getting Rid Of Things




Many moms, especially those who home school, need a quick fix for their messy homes. They do not have the time to read the latest books on the subject, and have even less time to follow the prescriptions these books offer: detailed lists and charts, family conferences and calendars.


These moms need an answer in one line or less so here it is!




We Americans are drowning in our possessions, and have been for many decades now.

The average size of a new single family home in the USA rivals that of the mansions of our grandparent’s day. These “McMansions”m are literally filled to the rafters with fancy appliances, exercise equipment, electronics, boxes of clothes and toys.


Add to the equation is you home school. The average home school mom has enough books to start a local library. Not to mentions file cabinets of art projects book reports, desks, chalkboards, and all sorts of science and art supplies.


Each and every one of these possessions had to be bought, put away, dusted, washed, repaired and finally replaced. If you never acquired the item in the first place, you wouldn’t have to perform any of those tasks.


Free up some time!



Here is your first assignment, to be completed before you put even one more thing into your home: check out each room in your house and see what you can give away stow away, or throw away.


 #1 Declutter the Kitchen

  • Keep on the counters only those appliances you use more than once a week.

If you back 2x a year put the stand mixer in the cupboard. Appliances like the ice cream maker, coffee grinders and juice makers should also be stowed unless used daily.

Right now, your main focus is raising your children and home schooling. Do not clutter up your life, or your kitchen, with items that will make you feel suffocated.

Getting Rid Of Kitchen Clutter



#2 Pitch the Papers Getting Rid Of Paper Clutter is HUGE!

Pitch all the old newspapers, junk mail, magazines articles, church bulletins and home school catalogs you’ve been saving for that precious day in the future when you have 5 minutes of quite time. Getting rid of papers frees up so much space it’s amazing. Just by clearing up some old mail and paper work from my kitchen it can be a huge transformation.


You probably couldn’t find the one article you were saving to reread anyway.


Nursing moms, who are home schooling four children  and still have two in diapers have little time for reading and even less time for filing.


Get real with yourself and your paper clutter.


#3 Store Precious Memories in Your Heart NOT Your Home

This one can be hard to handle for some. But there is tons of encouragement on You Tube and Pinterest about how to start the declutter process of your memories.

You can take the family photos, concert programs and other memorabilia that are spilling out of your drawers and make them into albums.


You can take old linens or t-shirt and make them into quilts. There are so many re-purposing ideas for precious memories the possibilities are endless.

The point is to get it all into one place, Get rid of the things no one really cares about, and re-purpose the things that do so that you can clean out the junk.



#Getting Rid of Your Clothes

Finally, take a brutal look at your dressers and closets. Will you ever REALLY wear all those clothes? most people wear and re-wear the top three garments in their dressers. Get rid of anything that you haven’t worn in the last 12 months. Time marches on and so does style.

Face it, even if you do lose those 25 pounds you will want at least 3 new fresh things to slide into.

Donate those seldom/never worn garments to a thrift store and let someone who needs them have them!


Getting Rid Of Clothes


Getting rid of unnecessary clutter leaves more time to maintain the items you really do need.

Do not lay for yourselves treasures upon earth where moth and rust consume, and thieves break in and steal. Rather lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consume, and thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there also your heart will be.

MATTHEW 6:9-21



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