Why Etiquette Is So Important For Children

Why Etiquette Is So Important For Children

Why Etiquette Is So Important For Children

Why is etiquette so important for children? Will they really use it? Do they really need to be elegant, have manners, after all they are just kids right?

Well…..not really! Are you raising kids, or future adults?

In the past century we have witness the transition from the industrial age into the technological age.


Today 80% of communication is done through some form of technology.


A study done by Harvard and Stanford, found that most of your financial success in life (meaning getting, keeping and being promoted within the job) is based on your ability to get along with and connect with real people.

This is the real definition of etiquette. The ability to get along with other people.


As mothers it is our job to guide our children from youth to adulthood.

It is our job to help them learn to obey rules, and get along, and become successful in ALL areas in life. To have success in their chosen careers, in love, in friendships, and most of all to live a life worthy of living eternity in heaven.

The Importance Of Etiquette For Children


Lately I have been reading many articles and watched many children psychologist who are promoting this new idea of not prompting our children to say Thank You, Please, or Hello.

I disagree completely with this free expression way of thinking. Let me tell you why.


#1 Etiquette and Manners Are A Form Of Language

First of all, just as we teach our children our language and how to pronounce words we teach them body language as well.

We are to teach them to be  kind to peers, to make friends and share things.

We teach them to use “WORDS” to express their wants. These are basic etiquette and manners and we teach young little children very early on. Every mother who has ever been on a play date knows exactly what I am talking about. In a raw form children snatch toys, stand on tables, pick their noses while talking to people, soil their diapers, throw food on the floor, punch, hit, kick, scream, and throw temper tantrums.

As parents we naturally help our children to learn that these ways of behaving are not socially exceptable. Children learn from being around other people, by watching and listening to the people around them and how they act and speak.

Therefore, it is during these critical years of childhood that instilling the love of etiquette and manners into the minds and hearts of our children is most important. And WONDERFUL!

Let’s teach our children the appropriate moments to say please and thank you! It is so essential to their development!


#2 Body Language

This is the world of technology. Most people will spend 8 hours a day in front of a screen of some sort.

Therefore, children are naturally not learning from their own experiences, like how to speak, communicate, and use their bodies in a way that is appropriate in society.

Teaching our little ones the proper and elegant way to use their bodies to communicate is even more essential because of this.

My grandmother used to say that teachable moments start in the high chair. I totally agree!

Therefore, it is so important teach our little ones in the high chair to not throw their food on the floor. To use inside voices and to to say please.

Let’s teach our children how to shake a mans hand and sit like a lady or gentleman in church.


It is perfectly okay to teach your children how to hold themselves while speaking. At our house we enjoy practicing walking and even correcting the way we say certain words by researching the words pronunciation and correcting it.

The Importance of Etiquette For Children (2)


#3 Table Manners and Hygiene

Throughout the world children are trained in the culture and etiquette of their society. I think that here in West we have lost touch with manners and hygiene.

Cleanliness is closest to Godliness.

Above all, manners easily and rapidly mature into morals. In our society where morals are a thing of the past it is crucial now more than ever to step up to the plate to raise children who can hold themselves properly, and advocate for their own future. The goal is to teach them how to do this in elegant and attractive ways!

No one wants to listen to a person who let’s food fall out of their mouth while speaking at the dinner table, or sneezes into their hands right before greeting someone.

Without our help as mothers, our children will be ignorant of their short comings and fail to becoming the very best versions of themselves.


Most of all our children look to us for what is right, good, and proper. It is okay for you to be the most elegant queen of your home. After all you are! 🙂


Here is your free Etiquette Checklist For Kids as a basic reminder of the basics of elegance and etiquette that kids need to learn early on to help build a great foundation!

Etiquette Checklist For Kids







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